Penguins ignore police advice, raid sushi stall twice in one day

ENDANGERED The little blue penguins conservation status is considered to be'at risk

ENDANGERED The little blue penguins conservation status is considered to be'at risk

Also known as fairy penguins, they are native to New Zealand but are listed as at-risk as development encroaches upon their environment, with dogs considered the main threat.

A couple of penguins have been released following temporary detainment by Wellington Police.????The waddling vagrants...

A pair of "vagrant" blue penguins have been forcibly removed after waddling into a New Zealand sushi shop and refusing to leave.

Constable John Zhu took the penguins back to the harbour.

DOC volunteer Mike Rumble, who helped remove the penguins the second time, told Radio New Zealand that it was wishful thinking to hope they'd stay in the waterfront nesting box they had been given.

Department of Conservation manager Jack Mace said the birds were about to enter their breeding season and were searching for a safe spot "to set up shop to lay eggs later on". Their presence came to light after a shop keeper heard the penguins making cooing and humming sound. Police received another call regarding a penguin taking refuge in a food stand near Wellington Rail Station Monday morning.

The Department of Conservation (DOC) had been monitoring the site as it was thought that they were likely to return.

"But it's adorable I think - they're probably terrified but it's adorable".

He said: "It's a natural characteristic of the penguins - they will always return to where they possibly were nesting".

It warned people should keep a distance from the penguins, which can bite.

"That's why here, tonight, even though this is a good 200m to 300m away, I wouldn't be surprised if the owner of the sushi bar says "they're back".

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