Power outage leaves thousands in New York City without power

Times Square blackout WABC

Manhattan Upper West Side Suffer Widespread Blackouts 44WABCJoshua Caplan13 Jul 2019

A blackout hit more than 40,000 customers in Manhattan on Saturday, plunging subway stations and shops into darkness and sending thousands of people into the streets after a transformer explosion on New York's West Side.

King was in attendance at the show, and captured the brief performance as well as the audience's confused reaction on social media. "When you're talking about a city like NY with a significant piece of the city, basically suffering a blackout, that could be a very chaotic situation".

At the time of the blackout, it said in a statement: "We are responding to extensive outages on the Westside of Manhattan".

King eventually shared a photo with Chappelle, revealing the happy news that she'd finally seen him perform an impromptu show at The Gramercy Theatre.

De Blasio, who was campaigning for president in Iowa during the blackout, returned to NY early Sunday.

At the Columbus Circle subway station police directed passengers to leave the station due to the power outages.

A massive power outage on a hot Saturday night packed the streets of Manhattan with people using cellphones as flashlights amid bumper-to-bumper traffic and a cacophony of sirens and honks.

Shortly before midnight (04:00 GMT Sunday) Con Edison head John MacAvoy said all six networks which had been affected were now up and running.

Several shows on Broadway were canceled - including "Hades Town", "Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune", "The Lion King" and "King Kong".

"And lately, certainly in the six years I've been mayor, they've been rare in the scheme of things", Mayor de Blasio told CNN's anchor Ana Cabrera, according to Newsweek.

Coincidentally, Saturday's power outage struck on the 41st anniversary of the 1977 blackout, which lasted until July 14.

The lack of power was a major issue on the streets and in buildings, too. "It sounds like it is addressable in a reasonable amount of time".

"We're getting reports of power outages in station complexes throughout Manhattan", the Metropolitan Transportation Authority said on Twitter.

Times Square went dark and subway trains stopped as a transformer fire at West 64th Street and West End Avenue affected a 30 block stretch from Times Square to 72ns Street and Broadway.

"That being said, we have not done the root cause analysis that will identify exactly what caused this outage so you can't exclude that until you actually know what the conditions were that caused this".

Additionally, the outage closed down a Jennifer Lopez concert, the second of her two-night "It's My Party" tour run in New York City.

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