Preview Lil Wayne’s ‘Old Town Road’ Remix

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The "Old Town Road" singer has been known on Twitter for making wonderfully weird videos and memes, and now he's joining the Area 51 craze with some serious enthusiasm.

The "Old Town Road" phenomenon doesn't seem to be over just yet as a snippet of a new remix featuring Lil Wayne surfaced.

Young Thug feels it would have been better if Lil Nas X kept his sexuality a secret. Meanwhile, Lil Nas X continues to reign supreme as our meme-lord. These things are never returned to. "Motherfuckers just judging. It ain't even about the music no more", Young Thug told No Jumper. "Soon as ['Old Town Road"] comes on everybody's like, "This gay ass nigga.' Niggas don't even care to listen to the song no more".

In the BBC interview, Lil Nas X said he had received some homophobic abuse after coming out but that he was "not angry" about it.

Someone started a GoFundMe page urging Lil Nas X to play at said raid and he gamely agreed, tweeting, "i got y'all for free! let's do this shit". "He's young and backlash can come behind anything". That was the best time to do it.

"She got that honky-tonk / I met her on Farmers Only", he raps in the brief clip. During Pride [Month]. That was a G's move. But it's like, he young, so I know what he going to be dealing with, with it in his mind, I dealt with this s- before. I've dealt with this shit before. I know what he dealing with. It's a amusing joke, and one a lot of people are on board with: 1.3 million people said they are going to the event.

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