R Kelly held by police on sex crime charges in Chicago

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R. Kelly has been arrested in Chicago on federal sex crime charges, a U.S. attorney spokesman has said.

Edwards career never recovered after she made the decision to accuse Kelly and later testify against him at trial, and she remains estranged from most of her family.

It has been reported on TMZ and Sky News that R. Kelly has been arrested in Chicago on federal sex crime charges.

Then in May, eleven more sex-related counts were added to the charges, which revolved around alleged sexual abuse of a minor. Those payoffs were said to include gifts and foreign travel as well as cash, and that Kelly also "used physical abuse, violence, threats of violence, blackmail, and other controlling behaviors" to silence his alleged victims.

The statement concluded by saying that Kelly expects to have a bail hearing next week and be released from custody.

He was arrested after the indictment was handed down earlier Thursday in federal court for the Northern District of IL. Fitzpatrick said Kelly's arraignment date and time had not yet been set.

In a March interview, Kelly vehemently denied the charges and said he was "fighting" for his life. Obviously, hypothesizing about potential punishments is getting well ahead of the legal process here, but the point is the addition of charges at the federal levels is a VERY serious development for Kelly, his accusers and alleged victims, and the prosecutors (at every level) in the case.

He had been charged with aggravated sexual abuse involving four victims, including at least three between the ages of 13 and 17 years old.

Soon after the release of the Lifetime documentary, Cook County state's attorney Kim Foxx said her office had been inundated with calls about the allegations in the documentary.

Kelly has been the subject of different sex abuse allegations dating back to 1998.

Steve Greenberg, Kelley's lawyer, did not respond to requests for comment.

He also accused the federal government of "piling on" with the new charges and described his client as unflappable despite a series of indictments in recent months.

Associated Press writers Amanda Seitz in Chicago and Ben Nadler in Atlanta contributed.

The singer is already facing a raft of state sexual assault charges prior to these latest federal indictments for which he was arrested on Thursday while out walking his dog.

Over a decade ago, a jury acquitted Kelly of similar charges.

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