Samsung calls Galaxy Fold ‘embarrassing’

Samsung calls Galaxy Fold ‘embarrassing’

Samsung calls Galaxy Fold ‘embarrassing’

Since there's a mention of an ecosystem, it is likely that Samsung will unveil more connected devices which may include new wearables such as a smartwatch.

"It was embarrassing. I pushed it through before it was ready", DJ Koh told the media.

We've covered a number of these unusual but true smartphone design ideas patented by Samsung, including everything from the Galaxy Fold that the corporate is still promising to launch to phones with flexible screens, rollable displays, phones you put on around your wrist and much more.

In fact, even when the Samsung Galaxy Fold eventually does launch in the coming months, it would technically still be the first mainstream foldable to ship. Koh said that he'd rushed development for the device.

After being hit by a failed launch of its "revolutionary" Galaxy Fold smartphone, Samsung CEO DJ Koh reportedly said "the device was pushed through before it was ready" and that he is embarrassed by its launch.

With the fate that befallen Samsung's foldable device, other smartphone makers are making cautious moves with their foldable devices.

Samsung faced a similar but much larger controversy when the company's Note 7 devices caught fire.

Despite the problems the company faced, Koh confirmed that they're still working on the Galaxy Fold and testing it out. We're still anticipating for the relaunch but while waiting, Samsung is introducing new mid-range phones like the recent Galaxy A80.

Over 2,000 devices are currently being tested right now in various aspects.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold was supposed to change smartphone form factors forever, but as we all know by now, the revolution will have to wait. This seems to have made Huawei more conscious about its own Mate X Pro foldable phone. "Some isseus we didn't even think about, but thanks to our reviewers, mass volume testing is ongoing".

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