Samsung Galaxy Note 10 spotted on FCC: Design Leaked

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 spotted on FCC: Design Leaked

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 spotted on FCC: Design Leaked

If you've been following phone news, you know that Samsung's flagship, stylus-equipped Galaxy Note 10 is coming August 7th.

Although Samsung launched the Galaxy Tab S4 last year and many had expected the Galaxy Tab S5 to hit store shelves this year, Samsung also released a decidedly midrange device earlier this year called the Galaxy Tab S5e. The Galaxy Note 10 Series would come bundled with a pair of wired USB-C earbuds.

Samsung's images do not show a Bixby button, which in the past has been an extra physical side button that summons Samsung's half-baked voice assistant.

The Galaxy Note is one of the most important devices in Samsung's history and was the first phablet, proving there was an appetite for bigger-screen smartphones that were initially written off as impractical. The EP-N5200 wireless charger made for the Note 10 will offer 20W charge, tipster Roland Quandt said. Even after the leaked images are out, it is hard to ascertain whether or not the phone gets a 3.5mm audio jack.

Both devices feature a triple-camera setup on the back, and the fingerprint sensor is nowhere to be seen, which is an indication that Samsung has indeed embedded in into the glass. If Samsung has finally chose to forego the jack with the Note 10, it means without a doubt that next year's Galaxy S11 will miss out on it too.

Although there's no confirmation that these images are real, the leaker has a very good track record of getting things right and they certainly look pretty official. The larger of two Note 10 models will measure in at 162.5 millimeters across and 77.6 millimeters tall. In the images, we can see the hole-punch camera that's centered at the top of the Note 10's screen, and there's a small chin at the bottom of the display.

Some sources point to separate 5G variants of the Note 10 and the Note 10 Pro being launched - for a total of four different Note 10 handsets to pick from.

"The device shown here is the standard Galaxy Note 10 that comes with a 6.3" display.

Samsung will formally announce the Note 10 at an August 7th Unpacked occasion in Brooklyn, New York.

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