Southwest cancellations will rise due to grounded Boeing jet

Rep. Angela Craig D-Minn. center talks with Paul Njoroge right as Michael Stumo left looks on before the start of a House Transportation subcommittee hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington Wednesday

'Heads should roll' over crash - Micheál Ryan's mother

Two men who lost family members in the crash of a Boeing 737 Max airliner in Ethiopia called on Congress to change Federal Aviation Administration procedures that let company employees perform safety inspections on planes as they are being built.

A Kenyan man whose five family members perished in the Ethiopian Air crash appeared before the United States congressional panel giving a heart-wrenching narration of his family members' death.

Njoroge's attorney, Robert Clifford, who is also representing families from 18 countries, called the selection of Feinberg "the first smart thing Boeing has done" in connection with crashes. Feinberg has administered many compensation funds including for victims of the September 11, 2001 attacks on the US, General Motors ignition switch crashes and numerous school shootings.

The plane was grounded worldwide in March following the crash of a 737 Max in Ethiopia that killed everyone on board.

A total of 346 people died in the two crashes. He also wants the company's top executives to resign and face criminal charges for not grounding the plane after a deadly accident last October.

"I want to be with my children; I want to be with my wife, but deep down in myself, I know that will never happen again", he said.

Paul Njoroge said he has "nightmares about how (his children) must have clung to their mother crying" during the doomed flight.

Sara Nelson, left, president of the Association of Flight Attendants, hugs Paul Njoroge, centre, before the start of a House Transportation subcommittee hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington yesterday, on aviation safety as Michael Stumo, right, helps to hold a poster.

Njoroge testified in front of a congressional hearing on aviation safety on Wednesday.

A root of the issue is that the 737 Max was certified as an updated version of an existing plane, rather than a new design.

American Airlines and United Airlines earlier this month both said they will keep the Boeing 737 Max plane off their schedule until November 3, leading to flight cancellations.

The airline told pilots last week that it was postponing two classes for new pilot training and two for pilots upgrading to captain. The Chicago-based airline recently agreed to buy 19 used Boeing 737s, but Laderman said that was unrelated to the loss of the Max planes. "The 737 MAX is not going to fly until it passes the most thorough and intense look".

"If Boeing wanted to give real relief to the families, they should work with the insurance partners of Ethiopian Airlines to expedite payments to the families", he said.

"Through our partnership with Feinberg and Biros, we hope affected families receive needed assistance as quickly and efficiently as possible", said Muilenburg.

Boeing said Wednesday the $50 million will come from that $100 million compensation fund, and it is created to provide near-term financial help to the victims' families. DeFazio said the committee is in the middle of an in-depth investigation and had just received a "trove" of documents that panel investigators are reviewing.

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