Stranger Things is getting a Monopoly Collector's Edition board game

Stranger Things Scoops Ahoy ice cream van is coming to Dreamland

Stranger Things Scoops Ahoy ice cream van is coming to Dreamland

Unless you've been living in the Upside Down, you're probably aware that Season 3 of the popular Netflix series Stranger Things dropped this month. There's also the reluctant recognition that none of these characters could've grown emotionally or expanded their mind if the group hadn't slowly drifted apart in the summer of '85: we may not want to grow, but we're often better for it, a simple, but powerful observation on friendships it often feels like Stranger Things is two steps away from evoking.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, the Duffer Brothers opened up about where things could possibly go now with Hopper (David Harbour) MIA or potentially dead, Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) dealing with lost superpowers (they're definitely weaker) and the Byers family having moved out of Hawkins, Indiana. Those figures, it should also be noted, are based on Cowen's survey conducted in the days leading up to the Stranger Things 3 debut (from June 26 through July 3) and included feedback from 2,500 U.S. consumers.

Netflix has re-created the Scoops Ahoy ice-cream parlour from Stranger Things to coincide with the launch of the show's third series - and it's coming to Dublin next week. Along with the potential demise of one character, another had a life-changing moment which could have implications on the rest of the Netflix series. That's sort of where we are in season four.

But while the whole plot line of Eleven's "siblings" is being brushed under the carpet might not have been the wisest choice, the hope remains for Season Four to give this plotline the development it deserves and give the show the well-executed ending it deserves.

There will also likely be some new additions, following the successful introductions of Erica (Lucas' sister) and Robin (Steve's love interest) in the latest series.

Stranger Things' Best Duo We also ran a poll about which duo in Stranger Things was our readers' favorite: the victor isn't likely to surprise anyone, but you should still check out the poll below to confirm your suspicions. There's a Demogorgon in Russian Federation with a mystery prisoner and fans are deeply curious to see where this is all leading. So will he return for Season 4?

"I know things here and there, but nothing deep or something I could tell you about". Like, how are we just supposed to jump ship and abandon our favorite crew of adventurous teens to go and watch The Office for the billionth time? The eight episodes of "Stranger Things 3" had average minute audience - the closest thing to linear TV average viewership - of 12.8 million viewers over its first four days of release.

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