Super Mario Maker 2 Brings Back An Obscure Power-Up

Our mock-up of the rumoured Switch Mini

Our mock-up of the rumoured Switch Mini

This past February Nintendo came to the rescue and announced that Super Mario Maker will be headed to the Switch, yet rather than simply re-release the same game on a new console the developer made a decision to go all out and create a brand-new sequel! This is a blockbuster deal, especially considering the DIY platforming game was just released today.

The original game let players upload 10 levels when they boot the game up but let increased that cap as players earned more stars.

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Clearing Super Mario Maker 2's new story mode will unlock a handful of goodies, including Game Boy graphic items for your Mii. Now you can play, create and share the side-scrolling Super Mario courses of your dreams in the Super Mario Maker 2 game, available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch system. Beating players to the end of the course first grants you points towards your overall rank while losing drops points. Plunge into the single-player Story Mode and play worked in courses to reconstruct Princess Peach's palace. It's something veteran producer Takashi Tezuka says the development team had in mind when creating "Super Mario Maker 2".

But when given a chance to design their own Mario world, can players match the previous games' brilliant stage design?

You can challenge yourself and friends to a course you created yourselves but if you don't have any created you'd need to download one to play. New features such as the 3D mode, which uses the assets and a course theme based on the "Super Mario 3D World" game, and new perils, like the "angry sun" that glowers in the distance before swooping down at Mario, are prominently featured. GameSpot awarded it an 8/10 in our Super Mario Maker 2 review-in-progress. With an active Nintendo Switch Online subscription, simply head to Course World, Network Play and select either Multiplayer Co-op or Multiplayer Versus. It includes the game and a 12-month Individual Membership** for Nintendo Switch Online.

Within this screen, players can follow popular Makers and download specific levels through their Course IDs.

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