Tesla Reports Record Deliveries And Production in Q2

Mercedes-Benz B Class crash test

The Mercedes Benz B-Class undergoes its Euro NCAP crash test

At the start of the year, Tesla reported declining sales, and there were genuine fears about the future of the company.

Earlier this year, Tesla told investors that it would deliver between 90,000 and 100,000 cars during the second quarter, though the company has beat its expectations.

The top five: Tesla Model 3: 67,650 units; Tesla Model X: 9,000; Chevrolet Bolt EV: 8,281; Tesla Model S: 7,225 and Nissan Leaf: 6,008.

With a score of 96 per cent in the "Adult Occupant" category and a score of 86 per cent in the "Child Occupant" category, the Tesla comes in at #5 in both categories for family vehicles, and is only bested by the Toyota Rav4 hybrid in the latter class out of all electrified vehicles. Tesla also said orders exceeded deliveries during the quarter and it expects to boost production and hand over more cars in the next three months.

Tesla stock climbs after setting new records for production and delivery in Q2.

In its announcement, Tesla addressed the demand issue. Tesla's Model 3 sales are far outpacing rivals.

Telsa stated this week that it has already made a lot of progress in streamlining its global shipping and delivery operations. Photo by Chanan Bos, CleanTechnica. Those fears were swept aside by the company's recent announcement. Our tests get tougher and tougher, and cars continue to perform well, which means that car-buyers are getting an ever-safer range of vehicles to choose from. "As a result, we do not plan to disclose the customer vehicles in transit metric going forward". 'The Model 3 is on fire.' Several analysts raised their delivery estimates as the quarter came to an end, citing brisk sales to key European markets including Norway and the Netherlands, as well as the effect of incentives that Canada began offering in May to stoke purchases of battery-powered cars.

Tesla has had its share of ups and downs over the years with exploding cars, autopilot mishaps, and CEO Elon Musk saying and doing foolish things on the internet. With 87,048 cars produced in the 2nd quarter and demand remaining strong, there is every reason to believe that prediction will turn out to be conservative.

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