Theresa May laments failure to pass Brexit deal on her way out

Jeremy Hunt has said he can not promise Brexit by Christmas and Boris Johnson has vowed to meet the Halloween deadline "come what may", as the pair were probed by Andrew Neill.

However she turn out to be once sorry having to leave when "there turn out to be once extra that I wanted to enact".

"If you want to leave the European Union quickly, if you want to avoid a general election, which is the risk if you go about this in the wrong way, I'm the person who has the biggest chance of negotiating that deal and getting us out by October 31".

Theresa May and husband Philip who will move out of 10 Downing Street in London in 12 days to make way for a new United Kingdom prime minister.

"I think that unfortunately what I said on that TV debate was misrepresented to Kim".

He said parliament would be "willing to sit at weekends, will be willing to sit late, to do this" but that it "may take a few extra days and I would be willing to allow those days".

Mrs Could well would no longer be drawn on whether she turn out to be once planning to wait on Mr Hunt or Mr Johnson as her replace, announcing superb that "they realize the responsibility that this job brings".

"Chancellor Merkel had said to me that if a new British prime minister came forward with a different plan for the Northern Irish border, of course they would look at the package", he said.

And he or she called for a extra self-discipline in authorities after years of leaks and political disagreements inner her cupboard: "Factual authorities relies on collective responsibility".

"This is complete news to the speaker - no such proposition has been put to him", she said.

She said she did not regret calling a snap general election during the same year, in which she ended up losing her Commons majority. "There are other things - I mediate I doubtless if truth be told might well also unprejudiced quiet have confidence accomplished the TV debates". Clark, who is one of a cohort of senior ministers expected to leave government if Tory frontrunner Boris Johnson enters Downing Street later this month, urged colleagues in parliament to "strain every sinew" to avoid no deal.

She also hailed the growth made in tackling a few of the "burning injustices" she highlighted in her first speech after changing into top minister.

Mrs May said she was proud of "championing some causes that otherwise will be unfashionable", such as the fight against modern slavery and domestic violence and mental health support.

Johnson is the overwhelming favorite in the contest to succeed Prime Minister Theresa May as 180,000 Conservative Party members cast their votes to choose a new leader this month.

She said she hoped her critics and supporters alike would feel that "in everything I've done, I've always done what I believed to be in the national interest".

During the exchanges, Mr Johnson said it would be "insane, now", to say the government might not deliver Brexit by Oct 31, in a hint that he could be prepared to accept a delay at a later date.

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