Trump lauds Johnson as ‘different kind of guy’

Donald Trump has labelled Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar as 'pro-terrorist'

Donald Trump has labelled Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar as 'pro-terrorist'

"I think Boris will straighten it out", Trump said.

A "Boris Blimp", depicting Boris Johnson, the favourite to be Britain's next prime minister, flew above London's Houses of Parliament this morning, ahead of an anti-Brexit protest.

Trump's comments risk igniting another furor, as Johnson has not yet been appointed prime minister. I always have. He's a different kind of a guy but they say I'm a different kind of a guy, too.

He added: "I think the short-term impact projected by the OBR is a much more likely outcome than the severe recession predicted by the Bank of England".

The European Union is preparing to offer the next British prime minister - nearly certain to be Boris Johnson - a Brexit extension beyond Oct 31 to provide yet another attempt to reach an agreement, The Guardian has reported, citing unidentified EU officials.

The Chancellor left open the possibility of voting to bring down a Conservative government led by Mr Johnson if the United Kingdom was on course to crash out of the European Union without a deal on 31 October.

Mr Hunt and Mr Johnson have also said they would keep leaving without a deal on the table to strengthen negotiations, despite Parliament voting to rule the option out.

The Home Secretary, who has run four government departments, has been talked of as a potential Chancellor since becoming one of the final four names in the leadership contest last month.

The rights of United Kingdom citizens living in the 27 other European Union nations, and of 3 million European Union nationals in Britain, are one of the key issues of Brexit.

There have been suggestions that Hammond could resign early next week to deny Johnson the satisfaction of firing him. "We get along well".

A second diplomat told the publication: 'How do we build back out of the abyss in a time where minds on both sides of the channel are probably not very consolatory?

Conservative lawmaker Alberto Costa, who is leading the delegation to meet negotiator Michel Barnier in Brussels on Friday, says "If there's no agreement, there's no protection".

A recent poll has shown the Brexit divide has deepened since the UK's exit was delayed, with more and more Britons supporting either a no-deal Brexit - 48 percent - or revoking Article 50 - 33 percent.

Tory Eurosceptic Jacob Rees-Mogg, an ally of Mr Johnson, poured cold water on the significance of the Commons vote aimed at preventing the new prime minister suspending Parliament.

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