Trump selects Justice Scalia’s son as labor secretary

Trump plans to nominate Eugene Scalia for labor secretary job

Trump to nominate son of late Justice Antonin Scalia for Labor secretary

Donald Trump announced Thursday he will nominate the son of late US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia for Labor Secretary, after Alex Acosta resigned in controversy from the post last week.

He is now a partner at a Washington law firm, where he works on labor and employment related cases.

"I am happy to stutter that it is miles my plot to nominate Gene Scalia because the original Secretary of Labor", Trump wrote in a tweet leisurely Thursday.

Scalia, who worked in the Labor Dept. during the first two years of the George W. Bush administration, was recommended to Trump by a number of members of Congress, including Sen. In 2001, President Bush nominated Scalia as Labor's solicitor, but he was blocked by a Democratic Senate.

The president's tweets continued: '.working with labor and everyone else.

Acosta has come under renewed criticism for his handling of a 2008 secret plea deal with wealthy financier Jeffrey Epstein, who is accused of sexually abusing underage girls.

Scalia's appointment is likely to be opposed by Democrats and labor unions. While the deal was public knowledge when Acosta was confirmed to the cabinet position, following Epstein's July 6th arrest on child sex trafficking charges, new details of were hashed out and Acosta didn't seem capable of making the case he should keep his job.

The firm's website says he handles "a broad range of labor, employment, appellate, and regulatory matters" and he previously served as the Department of Labor's top legal officer.

A Scalia nomination could become a base-pleaser for Trump, who as a presidential candidate built a relationship with right-leaning evangelical voters after promising to select a reliably conservative judge to replace the late justice on the court.

As a lawyer, he has challenged tighter USA financial regulations, a rule that forced energy companies to disclose payments made to foreign governments, and an order that required more distance between orcas, or killer whales, and humans after the death of a marine life trainer at SeaWorld Entertainment Inc.

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