Trump, the 'Squad' and the 'send her back' chants

A supporter holds up a Trump 2020 campaign sign during President Donald Trump's Wednesday campaign rally at East Carolina University's Minges Coliseum

Trump, the 'Squad' and the 'send her back' chants

It all started with a disgusting display of racism at a Trump rally expressed in the form of chants to send U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar "back" when the current President mentioned her name.

The chant from the rally was immediately excoriated by many in the media and by Democrats, who pointed at Trump's previous statements as the impetus for the chant.

"As week one in a post-"'go back' tweets" world heads toward a close, Omar has handled herself with the kind of poise and grace that suggests she'll be ready if her notoriety remains as high in week two. His comments do not protect the concept of US citizenship.

"President Trump has continued his efforts to obstruct justice and undermine Congress as a coequal branch of government and proceeding with an impeachment inquiry - the first step in a lengthy and hard process - is the best way to demand accountability from this administration".

"I took an oath to uphold the constitution". "That's not nice, even for me".

But others see her as a divisive figure, an agent provocateur whose criticism of government policy in her adopted homeland - be it towards the Middle East or on immigration - has enraged Trump and his loyalists. "It has to do with respecting and loving the country that is giving you the opportunities that you have". "What he was trying to say is that if you don't appreciate this country you don't have to be here", Emmer said. And if you don't, you should get the hell out of here.

"From a guy who deliberately put out racist Tweets, we have to call it out", Jayapal told CNN's Chris Cuomo on Wednesday. If you're racist, you want everybody to go back because they are black or Muslim. "That's why I say, 'Hey if you don't like it, let 'em leave, let 'em leave.'" He added, "I think in some cases they hate our country". That's not what this is about.

In rallying behind President Trump's belief that a great America deports, the president's base reminded its leader of something he already knew: There's no daylight between them.

On Wednesday, Omar put forth a new "pro-boycott" resolution in Congress "affirming that all Americans have the right to participate in boycotts in pursuit of civil and human rights at home and overseas, as protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution". "Those who are seniors have been much been anxious".

Republicans like Graham who bend over backward to defend Trump's indefensible rhetoric may come to regret it. "They did. And I disagreed with".

"Americans of conscience have a proud history of participating in boycotts to advocate for human rights overseas including ... boycotting Nazi Germany from March 1933 to October 1941 in response to the dehumanization of the Jewish people in the lead-up to the Holocaust", Omar told her colleagues when introducing the legislation Tuesday.

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