United Kingdom far-right activist gets 9 months in prison for contempt

Credit PA

Credit PA

Robinson, who's real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, filmed a video which featured defendants in a criminal trial and broadcast it on Facebook which featured defendants in a criminal trial.

Despite Robinson trying to expose the grooming gang he feel foul of the law, it's not known if Robinson was aware reporting restrictions were in place as usually the media are informed of such restrictions when they request the information from the courts.

Judge Dame Victoria, in the fresh trial at the Old Bailey, said viewers would have understood the words he used in the video as "an incitement" to harass the defendants, giving rise to a "real risk" justice would be "seriously impeded".

Robinson had denied breaching the reporting ban and as he arrived at the Old Bailey in London this morning, he claimed he was being "arrested illegally".

Robinson's sentence comprises six months for filming outside Leeds Crown Court in 2018 and a further three for an incident at Canterbury Crown Court in 2017. He would serve half before being released, the BBC reported.

Robinson was found to have committed contempt of court following a two-day hearing at the Old Bailey last Friday.

The maximum sentence is two years' imprisonment. The controversial figure filmed defendants in a child grooming trial and broadcast it on Facebook in May a year ago.

Judge Victoria Sharp reportedly told Robinson on Thursday that previous time he has spent in prison would be taken into account for his new sentence - cutting it down to 19 weeks.

The crowd, booing and chanting "we want Tommy out", started pelting police officers with bottles and cans, the BBC reported.

However, Dame Victoria and Mr Justice Warby found him in contempt for breaching the reporting restrictions, live-streaming from outside the court's public entrance and "aggressively confronting and filming" defendants.

A number of both pro- and anti-Robinson demonstrators gathered outside the court, creating a febrile atmosphere as they waited for the verdict, with confrontations with the police and smoke bombs being let off.

Earlier this week, Robinson begged for political asylum from US President Donald Trump after his conviction.

However, he was later released from jail on bail last August because the process that convicted him for contempt was deemed to be flawed by Court of Appeal judges.

The Court of Appeal, however, ordered a rehearing and Attorney General Geoffrey Cox, the government's chief legal adviser, chose to start contempt proceedings against him.

In most cases when someone is alleged to be in contempt of court, the matter will be referred to the Attorney General.

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