Update to Google Translate app adds a much wanted feature

Update to Google Translate app adds a much wanted feature

Update to Google Translate app adds a much wanted feature

As long as you have the source set to "Detect language", the instant camera translation feature will automatically identify the language that needs to be translated. Until now, Google Translate Instant Camera supports 88 languages but it now supports 60 more languages.

Google acquired Word Lens years ago, giving Google Translate the nifty ability to translate words with the aid of a smartphone camera.

In addition, the visual interface has been tweaked to offer a more refined experience with three modes including Instant, Scan and Import. These languages include Arabic, Hindi, Malay, Thai, Vietnamese, Bengali and so on. As the name itself says, it translates text in the preferred language that too in seconds, all you got to do is point the camera focus to the text. This should prove particularly useful if you travel to places where multiple languages are commonly used and have difficulty with restaurant menus and road signs.

In addition, Google says the camera translation tool can now automatically detect the input language, assuming the user sets "Detect language" as the source language.

Better translations powered by Neural Machine Translation - This produces more accurate and natural translations, reducing errors by 55-85% in certain language pairs.

Anyone who has traveled overseas to a country where they don't speak the language is probably already familiar with the Google Translate app. "We've reduced that flickering, making the text more stable and easier to understand", the company noted. If you want to check this out, make sure to download the latest version of the Google Translate from the Play Store.

Finally, Google has improved the UI to not only reduce the image flicker you often get when using Instant Translate.

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