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SpaceX Launched CRS-18 Cargo to International Space Station

Watch Live: SpaceX's Dragon Set for Wednesday Resupply Mission - D-brief

The carrier is set for launch from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station at 6:24 p.m. EDT aboard a Falcon 9 rocket.

Nickelodeon arranged to include green slime on this mission in the name of STEM education: It's part of a new publicity campaign by the children's television network to encourage young students to pursue science, tech and engineering fields. There will be more than 5,000 pounds of supplies and experiments for the International Space Station.

The International Space Station is home to a half-dozen scientists for the majority of the year, and those courageous space travelers carry out all kinds of experiments and studies for NASA and other scientific groups.

Assuming an on-time liftoff, the Dragon cargo ship, making its third flight to the space station, will carry out an automated rendezvous, approaching from below and pulling up to within about 30 feet of the lab complex Friday morning.

Astronauts will take video of how slime moves in micro-gravity. As someone who grew up a huge fan of both You Can't Do That on Television and The Simpsons, I am VERY anxious about this bag of Nickelodeon slime getting loose and floating into the space station's circuitry.

According to the International Space Station Lab, the slime will provide researchers with an opportunity to study how non-newtonian fluids behave in microgravity.

While scientists are very familiar with the way water behaves in space, they are unfamiliar with how slime will behave.

"Observing and measuring the motion of soccer balls in microgravity improves understanding of the general behavior of free-flying objects", NASA said in its description of the payload.

The CRS-18 Dragon spacecraft is expected to remain docked to the ISS for approximately four weeks.

The latest resupply mission will ferry an array of tools for the experiments and investigations on the orbiting space laboratory.

The Dragon spacecraft, riding on top of the rocket, is to deliver supplies, science equipment and a new docking mechanism that will be used for spacecraft carrying people. NASA plans on extensive coverage for the dramatic SpaceX mission, including a prelaunch news conference scheduled for 3pm BST (7am PT), which can also be watched on the link above.

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