WHO Urges Countries to Invest in Eliminating Hepatitis


A diet high in trans fats can be bad for your liver and overall health

This is crucial for Pakistan, where the health sector has been suffering from inadequate funding from the government. She said: "I am proud that Scotland is recognised as a world leader in combatting hepatitis C and I am determined to maintain this position".

Hepatitis A: This strain of viral infection is caused by consuming contaminated food or water and is prominent in areas with poor sanitation. They will also offer Hepatitis C tests.

World Health Organisation (WHO) 2019 data showed 325 million around the world are living with Hepatitis B and C. Of these, 27 million have been infected with the B virus since 2016 while 13.1 million have been sick with the C virus since 2015.

It indicated that "Chronic hepatitis B and C virus infection is the second major killer infectious disease after tuberculosis and nine times more people are infected with Hepatitis than HIV".

Hepatitis B and C are causes 80 per cent of liver cancer cases in the world, she said.

She urged civil society groups and people living with viral hepatitis to play central role in raising community and political awareness about the deadly virus.

This initiative is being taken up taking into account the high prevalence rate of HCV and HBV infection in the State.

It is an inflammatory condition of the liver, which is caused by a viral infection.

"In June, the World Health Organization developed the first hepatitis scorecard to track progress across the Region". The NHSF was developed with input from National and Provincial Health Departments of the country; and technical assistance of Subject Matter Experts.

"Therefore, the Mongolian government launched a four-year national health campaign dubbed "Whole-Liver Mongolia" in 2017, with the aim to improve knowledge about hepatitis infections, early detection of infections and cancer, and eliminate factors that lead to hepatitis infections in the future".

Viruses are the most common causes of hepatitis.

Apart from avoiding high-risk behaviours such as practising unsafe sex and allowing unsafe, unhygienic materials like needles and blades to come into contact with the bloodstream, one can also ensure they are following a healthy lifestyle to strengthen their immune system. In another study the risk factors for possible transmission were observed in people acquiring the services of barbers and dental surgeons using unhygienic instruments.

Maximum people who have been infected by the viruses do not know it themselves, he informed.

The Ministry of Health reiterated the importance of prevention and of getting tested on a regular basis.

Under this programme, medicine will be made available to HCV infected persons free of cost. However, there are gaps in the provisions and allocation of testing facilities, kits and trained human resource.

According to a new WHO study published in Lancet Global Health, investing $6 billion (2.2 billion) per year on eliminating hepatitis in 67 low and middle-income countries would avert 4.5 million premature deaths by 2030 and more than 26 million deaths beyond that target date. A vast layer of experts' opinion do not consider impossible stemming the tide of hepatitis epidemic.

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