Woman Gets Marijuana Cake Instead of 'Moana' Cake

A Georgia woman's ice cream cake that was supposed to be based on the Disney movie

Woman receives 'marijuana' birthday cake after request for 'Moana' theme is misunderstood

She also said the process of making the cake was overseen by her manager, who raised no issues with the cake at the time.

Kensli Davis wanted a Disney-themed "Moana" cake to celebrate her 25th birthday, but when her mom called the Milledgeville, Ga.

"I was very impressed by the artistic capabilities of them to be able to do the design that they did", she said, explaining that she's ordered a birthday cake from the same Dairy Queen for the past 10 years, and plans on continuing to do so next year. (Because really I do) Well.

Davis is OK with how everything turned out.

"I think they thought that she said "marijuana" because we're from south Georgia, we kind of have an accent, so, 'Moana, ' marijuana".

Except they must have misheard Tammy's request, because what she received on her special day was a cake adorned with a massive marijuana leaf and a stoned My Little Pony. "We thought it was amusing so we just ate it anyway!" she told WOFL-TV. "As I boxed the cake up, she was the one who walked it up to the front", Walker added. "This is back-to-school time". Davis told CBS affiliate WMAZ. I have a vehicle that needs fixing. Thankfully, the mom has a sense of humor, and her daughter was turning 25 years old - so she chose to keep the cake and really make a memory out of the moment!

Davis says the woman who made the cake apologized and offered to make her another one.

'Look at everything that it took, ' she told USA Today. But to be at this job for nearly a year and not have a write-up, not be in trouble, and to just be let go because of mistake, it's not amusing to me'. "I'm just a 25-year-old who loves Disney movies who just found the good in a bad situation". An order for a "Moana" cake was placed at a bakery but was misheard.

Dairy Queen did offer the mom her job back Thursday, but she declined because she believed she was treated unfairly throughout the misunderstanding.

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