A black moon is coming tonight: Here’s what that means

A plane passes in front of the Supermoon as seen from Buenos Aires

A plane passes in front of the super full moon as seen from Buenos Aires

A black moon can also be used to describe a month where there are no new moons - which is only possible in February because there are fewer days. This "black moon' won't appear over the rest of the world until August 30, so Canadians will be able to get a sneak peek at this rare moon, however, there may not be much to look at".

This New Moon will be hard to see with the human eye due to the sun's glare.

Astronomy nerds, listen up: The black moon is upon us.

There appear to be several definitions.

The term "black moon" is an old nickname given to the second new moon in a given calendar month.

Tonight's Moon is called a Black Supermoon because it will be close to its closest point to Earth, known as the perigee - a distance of 224,696 miles (361,613km). However, this unusual celestial event might be hard to watch, since the moon will be nearly invisible in the night sky.

The website also notes this: "But the gravitational influence of the new moon and sun combine to physically affect our water planet, which people along the ocean coastlines may notice in the coming days". It travels across the sky with the sun during the day. To actually see this black supermoon, however, would require special equipment and significant skywatching experience, but it does offer remarkably dark skies to see other things. Like other new moons, it will not be visible on Earth.

What this does provide is an excellent opportunity-weather permitting-to stargaze without the extra light reflected by the moon.

Azia Archer said that it is very fitting that July 2019 ends with a Black Moon. According to various texts on witchcraft, the black moon can be either a time when any rituals or spells will be particularly powerful or a time when no rituals or spells should be conducted.

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