A few muggy, unsettled days before a nice stretch

Weather Authority: Changes throughout the weekend

A few muggy, unsettled days before a nice stretch

Highs will be in the low to mid 90s again Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday! Factoring in the humidity, afternoon temperatures feel like 100-plus for the next few days. We'll see high temperatures top out near the mid 90s with the heat index between 105-108 degrees.

Tuesday will be the hottest day of the week with unsafe heat levels expected.

And with a substantial heat index value today and tomorrow, the National Weather Service at State College warns the risk of heat stress and heat-related illnesses is on the rise. There's a chance for an afternoon storm or two which may contain strong gusty winds and hail.

Tuesday brings more widespread storm chances. The slow moving front will most likely stall-out across parts of central Kansas Wednesday bringing more, off and on showers and storms, especially overnight.

On Thursday, expect partly sunny skies with a high of 88 and a low of 65 and a 40 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms. The threat of severe weather with this next round of storms appears low at this time. It's not as hot, with highs in the 80s.

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