A Pokemon Center Opens in London in View of Sword and Shield

And it's good timing, too: earlier today, United Kingdom fans received news that there'd be a special Pokemon Center pop-up arriving in the United Kingdom to coincide with the launch of the games on October 18. It will take place this Wednesday, August 7, and it's going to be another Galar Research Update.

I'll now blindly speculate about what this news could be.

In past updates we've been shown Gigantamaxing, as well as being introduced to some new Pokemon including the dessert-like Alcremie and the unbelievably adorable Yamper.

This update has been stated as the "Galar Research Update" and will likely focus on the region. The mythical pokemon felt weaker in generations 6 and 7, especially when compared to generations 4 and 5, so it'd be nice to see more focus put on them.

The next Pokemon game is still a few months out, but that just means that we still have so much to learn about Pokemon Sword and Shield!

It seems unlikely that we'll get any kind of Nintendo Direct based on the information being distributed.

November 15, the store's last day, is also the game's release date on Nintendo Switch.

The official Pokemon Twitter account has revealed that more information on Pokemon Sword and Shield will be dropping later this week.

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