Abhinav Kohli's mother refutes allegations made by Shweta Tiwari on him

Shweta Tiwari’s husband Abhinav Kohli arrested for domestic violence, slapping her daughter Palak: ...

Shweta Tiwari Accuses Husband Abhinav Kohli of Domestic Violence?

There are rumours of their marriage in trouble since a year ago but Shweta had chosen not to comment on her marriage.

Recently, Shweta accompanied by her mother and daughter Palak Tiwari landed at the Samta Nagar Police Station to lodge a complaint against Abhinav.

Abhinav has been arrested after Shweta alleged him of abusing her daughter Palak, showing obscene content to her and using filthy language to abuse her. After a four hour-long discussion with the police, the actress reportedly decided not to take legal action and chose to keep the issue within the family.

As per the complaint, Abhinav often used to beat her under the influence of alcohol.

Just previous year, it was reported that Shweta Tiwari and Abhinav Kohli had hit a rough patch in their marriage. He was interrogated for almost 4 hours after that, in the presence of Shweta and Palak. After the news went viral on the internet, the actor's mother Poonam Kohli has spoken up on the matter and defended her son. Further investigation in this case was on, he said. Shweta was the cynosure of all eyes, she has been one of the top 5 television actresses that Indian television has seen and naturally, whispers started going agog nearly immediately after they headed back to their residence. While Shweta had chosen not to comment on her marriage, Abhinav had chosen to deny all the rumours. She said that he had seen Palak growing up and would never do such a thing like sexually harass her. Poonam Kohli said Abhinav looked after Palak when she was inside the house for Bigg Boss season 4.

It has to be recalled that Shweta was married to Raja Chaudhary. Shweta, who was a big name on TV then, courtesy her role of Prerna in the original Kasautii Zindagii Kay, had divorced Raja in 2007.

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