Annual Perseid meteor shower peaks tonight over Ottawa

Perseid meteors upper left streak past time-lapse-captured stars north of Cheyenne, Wyoming. The Perseid meteor shower will be at its peak in the Lima region the next few nights

Cooler temps expected overnight, sunny skies with some humidity on Sunday

The NASA Perseid live stream kicks-off from 1am BST (8pm EDT) tonight and will continue until the early hours of Tuesday, August 13.

However, says, "Every year between July 17 to August 24, Earth crosses the orbital path of comet Swift-Tuttle, So, this year it will peak on 11 to 13 August but it will be hard to observe as bright Waxing Gibbous Moon will be there in the sky".

If you're not a night owl, some meteors may be visible earlier, around 9 p.m. Monday, but not as many.

If skies are clear, the Perseid meteor shower should be visible from around midnight until 5.30am.

Stargazers can catch a brilliant sight in the night sky Monday night as the annual Perseid meteor shower will reach its peak into Tuesday.

If the viewing conditions are not ideal, you can view the meteor shower online.

According to NASA, visible meteor rates will be down from over 60 per hour to 15-20 per hour because of the brightness of the nearly-full moon, unlike a year ago when there was diminished moonlight. On average, there will be 50 or more meteors shooting across the sky each hour.

When the "radiant" is highest in the sky, we'll see the most meteors.

NASA scientists advise that although they can be seen any time after 10 p.m., the best time to spot a flurry of meteors will be during the darkest part of the night, in the early hours before dawn, from 11 first light.

Also on Comet me, bro! When it enters the Earth's atmosphere, it becomes a meteor or fireball or shooting star.

Online, Robotic telescope service Slooh will broadcast the meteor shower online on the night of August 12.

Last year, a meteor made headlines when it flashed across the sky in MI.

Yet despite the promising weather this year's Perseids will not be at their best because of the bright Moon in the sky.

The Associated Press contributed to this article.

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