Anti-govt protests again erupt in Hong Kong over extradition bill

Inside the arrivals hall of Hong Kong International Airport in Hong Kong

Inside the arrivals hall of Hong Kong International Airport in Hong KongEPA

They dispersed, as noxious smoke also filled the train station there, bringing train passengers to tears. Hong Kong's government has also said the violence and illegal protests were pushing the city to an extremely unsafe edge.

The government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region on Sunday said protesters aimed laser pointers at officers outside the Kwai Chung police station and an on-duty police officer sustained burn injuries on his legs after being hit by a gasoline bomb hurled by a protester outside Tsim Sha Tsui police station in Kowloon.

Several other exchanges followed, with protesters, wearing helmets and masks, mostly withdrawing when police fired gas or advanced with shields and truncheons, exhausting authorities and leaving the weeks-long stand-off little closer to resolution.

On Saturday, police fired volleys of teargas to disperse protesters after activists rallied across the city.

"If the government thinks we'll give up and not come out anymore they're wrong", said student Chris Wong, 20, at Tai Po.

China has warned it might be losing patience with what it calls a "colour revolution" in Hong Kong.

The US and China have become embroiled in an escalating row over recent pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong, which Beijing says are funded by the West. "We'll continue to fight...but we're also going to be smart and wear them down".

A State Department official told AFP representatives of the U.S. government "meet regularly with a wide cross section of people across Hong Kong and Macau". -China trade war, as well as pushback against its ambitious multi-billion dollar "Belt and Road" infrastructure program that is seen as miring poorer nations in debt.

"Cathay Pacific Group employees who support or take part in illegal protests, violent actions, or overly radical behaviour shall be immediately suspended from any activity involving flights to the mainland", he said.

Demonstrators, majority young, appeared only to be digging in.

"Today is not about standing off with police or guarding a road".

Police said on Sunday they had arrested 16 people during the protests on Saturday for charges including unlawful assembly and possession of an offensive weapon.

Neither warning - one aimed at residents and the other at a business emblematic of the city - deterred demonstrators.

'There will still be citizens going out on the streets to protest, but we can not control them and we do not have the authority to control them, ' Yu said. "If we are afraid, if we are not coming out to rally, we are encouraging these people to spread the terror", she said.

Protesters with protection gears face with riot police. Tensions are high in the Asian financial hub after two months of protests and clashes triggered by opposition to a planned extradition law that quickly evolved into a wider movement for democratic reforms.

Activists calling for greater democratic freedoms in the city have shown no sign of standing down, despite Hong Kong's leader insisting she will not meet their demands.

Activists also staged a protest at the global airport to make arriving tourists aware of their campaign.

"We hope to provide a safer place for parents and their kids to participate in rallies, and to voice their concerns", said Fion Yim, 35, representative of the organizing committee for what was billed as the family protest.

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