Antonio Brown practices with Raiders in certified helmet

Antonio Brown Raiders

Source: Brown files new grievance over helmet

The Raiders obtained Brown in an offseason trade with the Pittsburgh Steelers. How could it not be?

A number of players, including New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, were given a one-year grace period last season that allowed them to wear helmets that were recently banned. Luckily for Doss, Antonio Brown being out led to him getting reps he likely would not have gotten, and he made the most of his opportunities. It all adds up to organizational nightmare fuel for the Silver & Black.

The irony of that question is that during one point in Moss's career, he wanted nothing to do with being an Oakland Raiders player when he was traded there from Minnesota.

With all the drama still to come, it might be a good idea for the "Hard Knocks" cameras to stick around. Maybe it's all eyewash.

I just. have no words here.

"Really good", Gruden said when asked about how Brown looked physically. I never had a guy show up with frost bite.

Gruden went on to say that he believes Brown is "all in" and ready to go, and doesn't believe that the foot issues that have kept the superstar from practicing are an issue anymore. "That's my understanding. Really happy to have him out here". Because on Tuesday we heard it from Brown himself. Sorry. His quote was too good to ignore, though we promise it has nothing to do with his feet or his head. "You've been the constant supporter".

"It's a certified helmet", Gruden explained. Mayock did what he had to do as GM; Gruden is doing what he needs to do as head coach. The trailer for the show, released Tuesday morning, provided most of of the best stuff from Brown. "I've got great, new skin, got it all trimmed up". Got it all trimmed up.

As if that wasn't enough, viewers also got treated to a classic National Football League feel-good story, as Darren Walker revealed his struggles with substance abuse. Working with the National Football League, getting the right equipment, and I've been working hard on the side to get going and take care of the feet. He served two suspensions for violating the league's substance-abuse policy before going to rehab, getting clean and playing like he's capable after the Raiders signed him off Baltimore's practice squad. Get out there and get to work. You know what I'm saying? More work, less noise.

The best Renfrow dig came from defensive line coach and proud Clemson alum Brenston Buckner, who dropped this line: "When he first got to Clemson, some of the guys thought he was [an equipment] manager".

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