Arrests as right and left-wing groups clash with police in Portland

A road closure sign is seen in downtown Portland Ore. Friday Aug. 16 2019 in advance of a rally as the city prepares for crowds. In the past week authorities in Portland have arrested a half-dozen members of right-wing groups on charges related to

Pres. Trump gives 'major consideration' to designating Antifa as terrorist group

PPB was criticized for allowing the far-right Proud Boys to leave Tom McCall Waterfront Park and cross the Hawthorne Bridge-which, at the time, was closed to vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

At the peak of the demonstrations there were an estimated 1,200 protesters on the streets of the downtown district, said Portland Police Chief Danielle Outlaw. "We were preparing for and planning for a worst-case scenario".

Officers said they seized weapons including chemical sprays, shields, metal and wooden poles, knives, and a stun gun from multiple groups. Police used officers on bikes and in riot gear to keep black-clad, mask-wearing anti-fascist protesters from following them.

A total of six people have suffered injuries in the scuffles, and one had to be transported to hospital.

President Trump says he's is giving "major consideration" to designating Antifa as a terror group. "He talked about Portland, said he's watching Antifa. That's all we wanted", he said.

Dueling protests between Antifa and right-wing groups are set to take place in Portland, Oregon.

The rallies and counterprotests have frustrated many Portland residents, who feel their city has been co-opted by political forces beyond their control. "They want you to not show up in Portland, they want to put fear in your hearts", he said.

The Western States Center stated mission is to increase inclusive democracy.

Randy Blazak, a leading expert on the history of hate groups in OR, said many of today's anti-fascists trace their activist heritage to a group that fought with neo-Nazis in Portland's streets decades ago, and they feel this is the same struggle in a new era.

"What I saw yesterday was the first step in Portland really putting together a citywide response", he said.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler said people who commit violence or espouse hate are not welcome in the city and massive police presence will be on hand. "We do not want him here, in my city, period".

"Portland being a very progressive community is always going to be at or near ground zero of this battle".

The president also chimed in, condemning the protests in a Saturday morning tweet. Three Percenters is a militia group whose members pledge protest and armed resistance against attempts to curtail certain constitutional rights.

More than two dozen local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, were in the city for the right-wing rally that was expected to draw people from across the country. There were some "limited interactions between individuals". But hundreds of people remained downtown and on nearby streets, and there were tense skirmishes, mostly with antifa protesters who were trying to find right-wing rallyers, throughout the day.

Gibson, who was not involved in organizing this weekend's event but has planned similar rallies in the past, surrendered Friday on an outstanding warrant for a fight that broke out in May between his right-wing supporters and left-wing adversaries.

An unidentified Rose City Antifa member flicks off to the police during a demonstration between the left and right at Pioneer Courthouse Square on June 29, 2019 in Portland, Oregon.

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