Cowboys offer to make Zeke "one of NFL’s two highest paid RBs"

Dak Prescott’s college roommate is out of football. Could the XFL be his and others’ way back

Dak Prescott’s college roommate is out of football. Could the XFL be his and others’ way back

Elliott has one year left on his rookie contract as well as a fifth-year team option.

FRISCO, Texas - Dallas Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones is confident a deal with running back Ezekiel Elliott will get done before the team plays the New York Giants in the September 8 regular-season opener.

"Throughout the course of National Football League history, if you are the best player at your position (or clearly one of the best) when you re-sign a second contract with the team that drafted you, you usually beat the highest paid current contract at your position by 15 to 20%", Thomas wrote. He still has two years left on the current one, but reportedly believes he has outperformed that contract and deserves a deal that would surpass that of the NFL's now highest paid running back, Todd Gurley.

Gurley, the running back for the Los Angeles Rams, is the highest-paid running back in the league. Elliott has been in Cabo working out, to Dallas, and then back to Cabo again as contract negotiations have stalled. Despite being near the start of the regular season, Elliott reportedly will not return to the team until he receives a new contract.

"This kid has basically carried this team the past three years", Faulk said of Elliott on the "Rich Eisen Show".

Werder didn't say exactly when that contract was offered, but it's clear he didn't accept it because he still isn't in camp with the Cowboys. "I'm just saying, I'm pissed".

Elliott rushed for 1,434 yards on 304 carries (4.7 YPC) to go along with 77 receptions for 567 yards receiving and nine touchdowns during the 2018 season. Linebacker Jaylon Smith signed a five-year, $64 million extension this week.

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