Death Stranding Gamescom gameplay trailer featured Geoff Keighley

A new Death Stranding trailer was shown at Gamescom Opening Night, presented by Hideo Kojima himself. The pods are a simulation of the still-mother's womb, but they're not ideal, and Sam has to frequently sync the pod to the Chiral Network (the main framework that ties players to the world).

The first major gameplay segment at Gamescom 2019 we've seen from Death Stranding in quite some time centered around Norman Reedus taking a nap in a peaceful-looking valley, soothing the baby in his BB Pod.

This means that, as the ghostly umbilical cord is presumably still attached to the equally ghostly placenta which Mama apparently didn't birth, Mama can't move from the spot she's standing in.

Another trailer included the Bridge Baby and the Deadman, played by Guillermo Del Toro. Dead Man explains a bit about the BB (Bridge Baby) Pod. Deadman has some useful knowledge on the Bridge Baby and how to upgrade them in order to keep them alive.

He didn't elaborate on what exactly would happen if everyone chose to take a collective toilet break, but the gameplay trailer did show a mushroom growing as a result of Sam's pee, so maybe you'll be able to grow a massive shroom or something. Several tools and items are shown, such as a large collapsible ladder, which allows Sam to climb the side of a hill face to get to a hidden bunker. Babies, invisible hands, peeing, everything's here.

"You play as Sam, and you have to connect the fractured people and cities from East to West". Mama, like all characters in the game, has a side story.

The first trailer provides some insight into one of the game's previously announced characters. "I came to SDCC 10 years ago and met a lot of people like me, so I think that's what you'll get from this game".

During a special slot at Gamescom 2019, more exclusive Death Stranding footage was revealed, and it's just as weird as ever.

You can preorder Death Stranding for $60 from Amazon, or $70 for the steelbook version. Sam then must cradle the BB using the DualShock 4 motion sensors to rock it calm.

Death Stranding is almost here - on PlayStation 4, at least - and now it's finally time to see what gameplay looks like. Leave your comments below.

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