Discord rolling out Go Live streaming feature this month

Discord’s ‘Go Live’ lets gamers stream to up to 10 people

Discord To Offer Limited Game Streaming Functionality

If Ninja's jump from Twitch to Mixer taught us anything, it's that game streaming is big business. Discord's game streaming feature - dubbed "Go Live" - isn't about streaming to the masses and making money.

However, given that the screen share tools aren't really intended for pure game streaming (over time, the stream will start to lag pretty heavily), Discord's new in-server streaming feature should be much more appealing. When you're connected to a voice channel in Discord, you'll soon be given a "Go Live" button, which will let you stream any game of your choice for up to 10 other users; provided they're all in the same channel as you.

The idea is for Go Live to take a single click to set up so anyone can easily participate. In a way, it's a return to the old days of going to a friend's house and watching them play Kingdom Hearts for hours, except your friends are at their computers and possibly not even in the same country. Multiple people per server can use Go Live, but only Go Live can only be activated once per voice channel.

Effectively, you can be playing a game and sharing it with up to 10 people by using the desktop app, for which it will be available.

Video streams will run at 720p and 30 fps, with higher quality options available to Discord Nitro subscribers: Nitro Classic users will be able to go up to 1080p at 60 fps, while full Nitro subscriptions support up to 4K. There are now 250 million registered users on the service, a user base that is equal to Fortnite in size.

Polygon notes that some users will get Go Live on August 15, and it will spread to everyone over the following two weeks.

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