Disney Boycott Called by Hong Kong Protestors After Mulan Star Supports Police

Jackie Chan's comments on the Hong Kong protests sparked anger on social media

Jackie Chan's comments on the Hong Kong protests sparked anger on social

"What a shame for Hong Kong". Here's what to know about the developing controversy.

The latest Hong Kong protests started in June when the city's government put forward an extradition bill that would allow Hong Kong citizens to be sent to China for trial. Earlier this week, 5,000 activists occupied Hong Kong Airport which caused ll departing flights were grounded for two days. Liu's post supporting Hong Kong police remains up.

She posted a screenshot of an image first shared by China's state paper, People's Daily: "I support Hong Kong's police, you can beat me up now". The words have become a rallying cry for the Chinese government and its supporters, who seek to portray the protestors as violent radicals.

Her post recirculates the statement "I support the Hong Kong police".

Chinese actress Liu Yifei, a naturalised USA citizen, reposted a viral pro-police comment on Chinese social media platform Weibo. The original post received over 2 million likes and an outpouring of support, and Liu's post was liked 81,000 times.

It's also impossible to tell how many people will ultimately care.

Liu, who has been nicknamed "Fairy Sister" by her Chinese audience, spent part of her childhood in NY and has acted in English-language films, including 2008's The Forbidden Kingdom, opposite actors Jackie Chan and Jet Li. But she has also crossed over into English-speaking roles in 2008's The Forbidden Kingdom, opposite Jackie Chan, and 2014's Outcast, with Nicolas Cage.

In response, those who feel that the protesters are taking on an oppressive regime and combating brutality themselves, have now begun to use the hashtag #BoycottMulan and take the actress to task for her comments.

"Actress Liu did nothing wrong for she is defending the integrity of China just like Mulan", argued another supporter.

A number of people have took to Twitter to call out Yifei and have used the hashtag #BoycottMulan and encouraged people to not watch Mulan when it is released on March 27, 2020.

Yifei, who is starring in Disney's live-action remake of Mulan, the 1998 animated film about a female warrior during China's Han dynasty, made a political post on the microblogging site Weibo. The film also arrives amidst an outcry for increased Asian representation in Hollywood, on the heels of films like Crazy Rich Asians and The Farewell. Kim Eui Sung, a South Korean actor who starred in the cult 2016 zombie apocalypse film "Train to Busan", expressed support for the protesters on Instagram, writing, "We are watching you, praying for you". The Mulan actress has brought the upcoming remake right in the middle of the ongoing pro-democracy and anti-police brutality protests.

Most Chinese entertainers have either voiced support for the government or refused to comment either way on the protests.

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