DJI launches Osmo Mobile 3 - a smart, foldable gimbal for smartphones

DJI Osmo Mobile 3 is a revolutionary phone gimbal that folds into a super compact size

DJI's Osmo 3 smartphone gimbal has a travel-friendly folding design

This version combines some of the best features of previous Osmo Mobiles but it's more travel-friendly now.

The first Osmo Mobile was launched at IFA 2016 in Berlin, Germany, and it certainly proved to be crowd-pleaser in the press pit. Mount your phone, get creative, and let Osmo Mobile 3 transform your world.

Between devices like the Osmo Mobile 2 and the Osmo Pocket, DJI doesn't really have any competition when it comes to making portable gimbals. What are all the features of the new Osmo Mobile 3? As per the company, controls have been streamlined so the new Osmo Mobile is easier to use one-handed.

You also have convenient features like a bunch of buttons and dials on the gimbal that lets you control movement, zooming and switch between modes easily. Additionally, users have the option to customize zoom speed based on personal preference.

New Gimbal Design: Unlike Osmo Mobile 2, the charging port and headphone jack of the mobile phone are no longer blocked, so it's easier to use the microphone or charge the phone while using Osmo Mobile 3.

Story Mode: The app features a host of preset music, video transitions, and filters. Choose one of 13 fun templates and Mimo will handle the camera movement for you. The device also comes with Hyperlapse Hype and Timelapse modes along with 180-degree panorama support. This allows the device to hold a wider range of phones and includes new anchors for attaching counterweights if necessary. Seemingly inspired by the DJI Ronin series, this feature increases the responsiveness of the device to keep up with quick movements. Add $20 more, and you can get it with the tripod.

When folded, the Osmo Mobile 3 is nearly half the size of its predecessors. Users can now just tap the "mode" button three times, and the gimbal will rotate the smartphone automatically.

Talking about the price, the Osmo Mobile 3 standard version is priced at $119.

The Osmo Mobile 3 is now available from $119 for the standard model or $139 for the Osmo Mobile 3 combo with Osmo Grip Tripod and a carrying case. For detailed information on this service please go to: DJI has taken a leaf out of its own playbook and built on the success of other foldable products such as the Mavic Pro and Spark.

DJI, the Chinese drone maker, has really stretched its legs over the past 12 months by launching more than just drones.

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