Doctors Remove Over 500 Teeth From Boy's Mouth


In rare surgery, Chennai doctors extract 526 teeth from 7-year-old's mouth

A seven-year-old boy with an unusual medical condition has had 526 teeth removed from his mouth, doctors in India have said.

The boy, identified as Ravindran from India, was found to have a growth in his jaw, according to a press release from Saveetha Dental College and Hospital, which treated the boy.

Doctors claimed, this was the first such case to be documented worldwide where 526 teeth were found in an individual.

Ramani said the boy was suffering from a very rare condition called compound composite odontoma. They performed surgery to remove the sac, which involved drilling into the jaw. His parents told doctors that they had noticed swelling in his jaw when he was as young as 3, but they couldn't do much about it because he would not stay still or allow doctors to examine him.

"We have never seen this many teeth in any one site", Dr. Prathibha Ramani, a department head at Saveetha Dental College, told the Times of India.

"The teeth were in different sizes that varied between 0.1 mm to 15mm", she said "They looked like pearls in an oyster".

An X-ray and CT-scan of the boy's lower right jaw showed a lot of rudimentary teeth following which the doctors decided on the surgery.

According to the doctors, this is the maximum number of teeth extracted from a patient and the hospital has applied for a place the Guinness and Limca Book of Records.

"Under general anesthesia, we drilled into the jaw from the top", he said.

All the teeth which were removed layed out in the operation room.

Doctors from Saveetha Dental College and Hospital claimed that the boy's lower right jaw has had no permanent teeth until now.

On Wednesday, dentists said the cause of the condition could be either genetic or environmental. All of the boy's other teeth are fine, according to his dentists, though the growth of his molars will be affected, requiring molar implants in his teens.

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