Dozens of air mattresses take off as wind ruins outdoor movie night

Image Robb Manes  @robbmanes

Image Robb Manes @robbmanes

The scene, which is both beautifully artistic and comedic, was recorded and shared by Robb Manes.

They had been set up for an event called "The Bed Cinema" later that day, where people could reserve an air mattress to watch a movie in the open air.

The video shows dozens of air mattresses tumbling across a grassy park, flying near a pool as ominous-looking storm clouds appear.

In eyewitness footage posted online by local Robb Manes, the magnificent mattress menagerie was captured in its full, natural beauty.

They left the pool to observe the insane scene that ensued, lasting about 30 minutes and involving as many as 100 mattresses, many being chased by their owners.

It was not immediately clear whether those who went running after their mattresses were able to catch the start of the movie.

Mr Manes said: "We were hanging out at the pool when, suddenly, a mattress flew into the fenced-in area".

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