Epic pulls 'lazily re-skinned' Fortnite pet from sale, offers refunds



Professional caster Balla wrote, "One person losing a game by getting shot by B.R.U.T.E. missiles is too many". Some questioned the actual impact of the B.R.U.T.E. given the mech can destroy structures players built easily.

Epic Games has taken to the official Fortnite site to discuss the B.R.U.T.E., which has been a point of contention ever since the beginning of Season X. To give some players a leg up in competition, according to Epic.

And despite first acknowledging that the mechs have been controversial over the last two weeks, the post just goes on to sort of justify their unpopular existence, explaining that they were brought in "to bring players of all skill levels together to have a fun experience where anyone can win".

Following the slight delay it experienced, Epic has released Fortnite update version 10.10, bringing a large number of changes, including the previously promised tweaks to its mostly hated BRUTE mech suit vehicle.

Large swaths of fans commenting on Reddit remarked how the post showed Epic really didn't care about it's competitive or high skill scene, instead deciding their casual player base was more important. The team is "happy" with the results, but will players be?

In April, Epic banned stretched resolutions from competitive play, saying in part "The stretched characters and distorted views detract from Fortnite as an entertainment experience for all". "Right now, we know there are players out there who have never had that opportunity", Epic's statement reads. Upon updating, players now have access to another classic game location, Retail Row, as well as a new Limited Time Mode, Rift monsters, and more.

Hence the decision of Epic to remove the object in question, reimbursing buyers, as stated in the press release issued by the software house: "We should not have released the Pet Gunner, and we apologize for having done so".

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