Google Wants You to Use Fingerprints Instead of Passwords in Chrome

Logging into some Google services on Android is now as easy as unlocking your phone

You can now log into a Google account with your phone's fingerprint sensor

Google is making logging into its own online services much easier on Android. Well, the goal was to let users sign in to a Web service by using the fingerprint sensor or local password of their Android phone, and this is now finally a reality. The new authentication method is already available for Pixel smartphones and will arrive on all devices with Android 7 and later versions in the coming days. In its place, users will only need to use their fingerprint to validate access to said services.

If you have a compatible Android handset, then you can try the functionality out now by heading over to using the Chrome app on your phone.

Google says goodbye to passwords.

Google makes an important distinction between local user verification and its two-factor authentication for providing additional protection to accounts against phishing attacks. The device must have a valid screen lock like a fingerprint scanner, a PIN or a pattern lock.

Throughout all of modern computing history, passwords have been the primary method of securing data. On that note, you can check out the passwords you're now using for your accounts. However, that's only true for one service and select Android phones right now.

Until the features become active, users will only be able to view and edit the passwords that Google has saved for you.

In an effort to keep your account secure, Google will regularly ask you to confirm your password when trying to access your account on a device you've been logged into for a while. When you visit the Google password manager, the site uses a WebAuthn "Get" call to retrieve the stored credential.

Using these standards allows the company to provide password-less sign-in options on smartphone apps and web services. First, your device must be running Android Nougat or higher and contain your Google Account.

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