Google will release a wall-mounted speaker Nest Mini

Google ‘Nest Mini’ 2nd-gen smart speaker leaks with major upgrades

Google reportedly planning a new, louder 'Nest Mini' with 3.5mm jack, wall mount, and proximity awareness

The Nest Mini will also reportedly have a headphone jack, but it's not clear whether it's created to be connected to a device to play music from the Nest Mini itself, or whether it's created to plug into external speakers.

The Google Nest Mini will ship with wall mounting capability bundled inside the product package.

Perhaps the best news for fans of the device is that the sound will reportedly be much better, "with higher maximum volume and better bass and quality overall".

While these are just rumors for the time being, if they are true Google could be waiting to reveal this product alongside their upcoming announcement of the Google Pixel 4.

The (re) absorption of smart home device manufacturer Nest by Google in 2018 has resulted in the rebranding of Google's smart speakers, starting with the awkwardly named Google Nest Hub Max.

As well, the Nest Mini will allegedly feature proximity awareness via a motion sensor, though it's unclear how Google would use this feature.

However, that's not the name of the new speaker - "Nest Mini" is.

The report also says that the new smart speaker will have a 3.5mm audio, similar to that of the Amazon Echo Dot. As well, the speaker can be connected with a larger, more capable speaker using Bluetooth.

If the Nest Mini retains its predecessor's $50 price (which has since been discounted by half during most shopping holidays), would you buy it? In addition to this, the next-gen smart speaker will release a definitive series of colors when users operate on it. It's time for the search engine giant to push new releases to stay in the competitive smart speaker field where Amazon has occupied almost 90 percent of the market share. It's not clear why Google is adding a wall-mount option, but apparently, third-party wall mounts for the existing speaker are quite popular with consumers.

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