Hong Kong's police describe their side of the protests

A satellite image captured on Monday appears to show Chinese security force vehicles in Shenzen

A satellite image captured on Monday appears to show Chinese security force vehicles

"I have no doubt!"

"We have deep respect for the courageous efforts of Hong Kong people from every walk of life who have demonstrated their clear desire for freedom, democracy, and the rule of law", the statement read. Hong Kong's government could ask for assistance from the PLA garrison to maintain order, and in that case the Chinese military must follow Hong Kong law.

Chinese security forces have been seen preparing to use terrifying giant forks, that can give risky electric shocks, on Hong Kong protesters.

Supporters of Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters gather during a demonstration at Martin Place.

Leave aside the rhetoric-actual U.S. policy toward Hong Kong thus far has been the same under President Donald Trump as it would have been under Barack Obama or George Bush.

Trump went on Twitter late Wednesday to boast that his administration has the upper hand against Beijing in the trade negotiations.

"Even though the road ahead is very unclear and will be very hard, very tough, I still have confidence that the future of Hong Kong must be bright".

"Washington has the ability to fool Hong Kong's radical protesters and incite them to stage a colour revolution".

Claudia Rosett, a former WSJ reporter in Hong Kong, discusses the massive protests in Hong Kong. "I think we have the determination, the cohesiveness and the depth of resources to keep going". He expressed the hope that no one would get hurt and "for liberty". "He is also a good man in a 'tough business, '" Trump tweeted on August 14 evening.

Outside the stadium - which is around 7 kilometres (4.5 miles) from Hong Kong - there were also dozens of trucks and armoured personnel carriers.

The deployment of the PAP forces confirms earlier reports published by Chinese state-run media claiming the forces was already assembling in Shenzhen. "However, the comments from those members of the U.S. Congress have provided the world with new and powerful evidence on the country's involvement", Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying said, according to CNBC.

Trump said China wants to make a deal to end the trade war but should be allowed first to find a solution to the situation in Hong Kong.

What is unfolding in Hong Kong is a message to the world's democracies.

That grew into calls for investigations into police violence against protesters and resistance toward Beijing's encroachment on Hong Kong's autonomy. Under the terms of the handover, Hong Kong's judicial, political and economic systems are to remain independent until 2047.

"Unfortunately, the enemy that we're facing do not know any tricks when confronted by people with determination". Cartier-owner Richemont said its sales were hit because of store closures and a fall in tourist arrivals, especially from China.

"The president has made clear that he is watching very carefully what's happening", Ross said. "They remember the picture of the man standing in front of the line of tanks, they remember the statue of Lady Liberty, they remember voices of the Chinese people asking for freedom and democracy, and they remember the repression of the Chinese government in 1989, it would be a big mistake to create a new memory like that in Hong Kong".

Still, the military option would have major practical drawbacks as well as devastating consequences for Hong Kong.

That is a senior Hong Kong police officer's response to accusations from outraged protesters that the authorities are using excessive force to quell demonstrations.

On Sunday, police were seen firing pepper ball rounds on protesters at close range and using tear gas in an enclosed train station.

Chinese state media and state-controlled social media quickly picked up on the incidents, flooding the Chinese internet with overwhelmingly negative assessments of the Hong Kong protesters.

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