Huawei Mate X delayed again, not launching in September

The Curse Of The Folding Phone Continues As Huawei's Mate X Is Delayed [Updated]

Huawei is delaying its Mate X foldable launch until November

For now, though, maybe we should just all chill until one of these foldable smartphones is, you know, actually in stores and we can shell over thousands of dollars while simultaneously praying we don't break them.

At this rate, getting the first foldable smartphone onto the market could be anyone's game - anyone being Samsung and Huawei. The release schedule of the innovative out-folding handset was already revised from an initial June target, so it's certainly disappointing to hear about yet another postponement.

For example, TechRadar reports that the next Mate X could have more screens next year. Apart from testing, Huawei has also made some significant hardware changes to the foldable device as well.

According to the source, the folding phone has "no possibility" of making the September launch date and will most likely make an appearance in November.

Come on Huawei and Samsung - catch up! On the other hand, with online flash sales, you need to have put in a reservation in order to access the sale. That being said, a new Xiaomi patent has surfaced, showing the possible design of the company's foldable smartphone.

Samsung's patent, was approved at the end of May, but was eventually published in the Korean Intellectual Property Office on August 7. It's not one single display - there's a small gap between displays - but it is a concept for a phone that could effectively have a display the size of three phones. This time, the Seoul-based company will hope things go smoothly - easily broken screens scuppered their initial release.

The images were shared to Weibo (a Chinese social network) and show a phone that looks a lot like the rumored Huawei Mate 30 Pro. It probably will, but do note that there's a chance it will never make it to market.

The latest statement suggests that a final launch date is still in the works, or that we could see a staggered roll-out between September and November. It is being said that the next Mate X smartphone will offer more screens and will probably be launched in 2020.

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