Human Things launches Kickstarter for Genki Covert Dock for Switch

The GENKI Covert Dock for the Nintendo Switch

The GENKI Covert Dock for the Nintendo Switch

The campaign was asking for $50,000, and as of the time of this writing has raised over $470,000 with 35 days to go in the campaign.

The charger features include foldable prongs and USB-C charging, with dock outputs for HDMI and a USB 3.1 accessory port. You can pledge US$59 or more to get the early bird special (81 left of 1,500 backers).

The idea must also have been liked by the players, who in the last few hours have made a decision to loudly support the Genki Covert Dock Kickstarter campaign, which started yesterday with a minimum fundraising target set at 44,658 euros. It's easy to use: Just plug your Switch into the charger, then plug the Switche's HDMI cable from the charger to your TV.

Yesterday, Human Things launched a new round of Kickstarter fundraising for the follow up to their Genki Bluetooth Audio and this new peripheral looks to be even more essential than the company's previous outing. To Human Things' credit, the company did at least address these risks in the dock's Kickstarter. "We've worked closely with experts in this field, including producers of the official Switch AC adapter, engineers of various docks in the market (including Insignia), and the developers behind reputable PD and GaN technologies (Navitas)". "The large, clunky Switch dock is officially a thing of the past-prepare to make every television your playground with the Genki Covert Dock". Firstly, have you ever wanted to move your dock and Switch to a friends place but realized that the dock is just too big and flimsy?

The Switch is notoriously susceptible to shorting out when connected to improperly regulated or overly powerful chargers, so it's reassuring to hear that Human Things accounted for this.

The Nintendo Switch is known for its ability to be both a home console and a portable one, but portability is often the aspect that most people focus on.

The Genki Switch line is pretty good overall, and this does sound like a handy gizmo.

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