Incredible Video Games Released On Terrible Consoles

Microsoft’s Handheld Xbox 2 Patent Leaks Device Features Detachable Joy Con Like Controllers

Microsoft is willing to let Xbox studios make multiplatform games in the future

"Ensuring that the games load incredibly fast, ensuring that the game is running at the highest frame rate possible". But playability is probably the bigger focus for us this generation. "We are looking at the phone in your pocket as the destination for you to stream, and the console that we have allows you to play the games locally". The Xbox head explained that it is targeting concerns such as getting the game to load as fast as possible while it's playing, as well as putting a lot of consideration into how it looks and feels to play. The company has made a significant investment into first-party studios and are focused on new Xbox exclusives in the future. It's a potentially lucrative thing to do, as Microsoft's Phil Spencer has said Microsoft is in fact one of the biggest publishers on PlayStation thanks to Minecraft.

"Developed by 343 Industries for Xbox One, Windows 10, and Project Scarlett, Halo Infinite continues the Halo 5: Guardians storyline and takes the franchise in ambitious, unexpected directions". Whereas the PS4 and Nintendo Switch both forwent backwards compatibility, the Xbox One has built up an impressive library of backwards compatible games encompassing some of the best offerings from the Xbox 360 and even the original Xbox.

While many brilliant games have been rescued from their exclusive releases on doomed systems through ports, there are sadly still countless classics locked away on consoles you either need to buy from eBay or settle for emulating. Backward compatibility is also one of the goals for the next console to enable support for all four generations of content as well as controllers. Spencer factors to gamers' funding in personalized controllers and says that the corporate needs to ensure these are suitable with future generations of the console as properly. Microsoft seems to be showing genuine respect for its viewers with these features, which is vital if the console is poised to dominate the market as critics consider it is going to when it launches next year.

MICROSOFT XBOX HEAD HONCHO Phil Spencer has spilt the beans on what we can expect to see from Redmond's next-gen console, now codenamed Project Scarlett.

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