Intel launches 10th Gen Comet Lake processors with LPDDR4X Support

Intel 10th gen Comet Lake offers a 6-core 12-thread CPU in a ULV package for the first time

Intel 10th gen Comet Lake offers a 6-core 12-thread CPU in a ULV package for the first time

Dell just announced a refresh of almost its entire Inspiron family this week all coming with Intel's 10th gen Comet Lake-U processors. Succeeding the 8th Gen Whiskey Lake chips, the new Comet Lake chips are all about enhanced clock speed.

The new 10th gen Comet Lake chips will also not be as capable in handling graphics-rich processing as well, which means action-packed games could be a pain on Comet Lake enabled devices. While we're not seeing the same sky-high supported memory speeds of Ice Lake, Comet Lake offers support at up to 2933MHz.

The company is today launching four new U-Series processors and 4 new Y-Series processors as part of the new Comet Lake lineup. Intel seems to have skipped having ninth-gen U and Y-Series CPUs. The lineup also includes Intel's first 6-core processor in the U-series, faster CPU frequencies, faster memory interfaces and the industry redefining connectivity with Intel Wi-Fi 6 (Gig+) and broader scaling of Thunderbolt 3.

Efficiency increases and power efficiency aren't the only highlights of the Comet Lake series. Intel refers to the new processor selection as "performance powerhouses that bring double digit performance gains compared with the previous generation." . Also, the company is marketing its Dynamic Tuning Technology named Adaptix toolkit along with Performance Maximizer, Graphics Command Center, and Extreme Tuning Utility software.

Sorting through all these different "Lakes" and process nodes is confusing enough, but what about the elongated model numbers?

Intel's Comet Lake processors are officially the latest 10th generation Intel Core mobile processors, created to provide performance without compromising battery life. However, users can tell them apart by looking at their model names.

Comet Lake gives Intel a stronger product selection on the lower end of the mobile computing spectrum.

Marketing sucks, but it's obvious that Comet Lake will offer a bit of a boost over the previous-gen, especially with 6-core models now being available in these smaller form-factors.

In addition, none of these new processors features Intel's Gen11 integrated graphics, which it claims can handle some relatively smooth gaming at 1080p resolution.

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