IPhone features to stop working on unauthorised battery change

IPhone features to stop working on unauthorised battery change

IPhone features to stop working on unauthorised battery change

Earlier this year, a safety researcher revealed that he found a flaw in macOS that would expose person passwords however refused to provide details to Apple due to the shortage of a bounty program for the working system. While the resolution is not effective immediately, the wait will be brief.

First off, Apple has opened its bug bounty program to all security researchers, and its dramatically increased the payout for the most serious of flaws.

The new phones are part of a new iOS Security Research Device Program, which is set to launch next year and encourage researchers to disclose more bugs and vulnerabilities.

The rewards have not changed since its launch in 2016, the largest one being $200,000 for demonstrating flaws in the secure boot firmware components.

Tech fix website iFixit even found that replacing your battery with one made by Apple still triggers the lock.

Ivan Krstić, Apple's head of security, unfurled this new offer to the public in Las Vegas this past Thursday at the Black Hat conference.

Apple has enabled a feature on its new iPhones that blocks users from accessing their battery health information if the battery was replaced by a third party.

Higher rewards will also become available. Finding vulnerabilities that could lead to network attacks or user-installed app attacks can pay out $250,000. That means anyone who can get to the core of Apple's iOS operating system and gain control of an iPhone in a way that wouldn't require any user interaction would be eligible for the payout, as Forbes and TechCrunch explain.

Another novelty for hackers looking for bugs in iOS is a platform specifically conceived for research purposes.

Apple is also offering researchers and hackers "developer" iPhones that offer deeper access to iOS, which should make it easier for them to find potential vulnerabilities in Apple's code. Previously they are also invited to the researchers to find problems in iPhone and with the latest research if they could find any issues in iPhone Securities.

However, some of them are smuggled out of the factory and land in the hands of vulnerability researchers.

Apple knows it doesn't have enough Genius Bars to support every one of its customers, which is why it has been expanding its partnerships with places like Best Buy to offer authorized repairs for people who live too far from an Apple Store.

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