Is it bird? Or a bunny? The internet is confused

The famous rabbit or bird optical illusion

Footage shows animal being stroked and people are baffled over whether it is a rabbit or a raven

The video reminded him of the famous Duck-Rabbit optical illusion, so Quintana made a decision to post the clip to see if the internet had trouble telling if this creature was bird or bunny.

However, an optical illusion is now making the rounds that proves you might not be as able to distinguish the two animals as you thought.

But looked at another way, the nose of the would-be rabbit appears to be the neck of a black bird, and the rabbit's ears the bird's slightly open beak. When you only see the beak in your peripheral vision, it really seems like they're ears.

The video which has left many perplexed and bamboozled was shared on Twitter by Podcaster Dan Quintana on Sunday with the caption: "Rabbits love getting stroked on their nose".

"I thought it was fairly clear that the video was of a bird", Quintana later informed CNET in an electronic mail.

"That's a feckin crow", tweeted one person.

"I know this is weird but for ten seconds all I could see was a crow having its head stroked", said one.

Officials at the World Bird Sanctuary in Missouri confirmed that it is an African White-necked Raven named "Mischief". A number of customers have been capable of give you the right reply on their very own. "Instead of moving up and down, it sweeps across the eye horizontally like a windscreen wiper and is translucent".

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