Khloe Kardashian Reacts to Claim She's Using Daughter True as an 'Accessory'

Kim Kardashian admits she would do 'anything' for Paris Hilton

Kim Kardashian Admits Paris Hilton 'Gave Me a Career,' Declares She'd Do 'Anything' For Her

And while numerous star's followers share positive comments, she is accustomed to the odd naysayer.

In the sneak peek, Khloe praised her sister for recognising that Hilton helped her career, saying she could have easily said, "Ha ha b**ch, look who's popping now".

But unwilling to take the criticism, Khloe quickly responded: "Would you like a parent NOT to create memories and traditions with their child?"

In the comments section, messages of thanks from followers can be seen, who wrote things like: "You look so handsome, thank you for not editing out your stretch marks" or 'I love your way of being so real'. I am her mother and we will celebrate life together every day. "So I'll be making memories with my kids and fantastic people while living my life to the absolute fullest". "Keep on keeping on!" "True definitely is an extension of you!"

The reality star posted photos from her recent trip to Idaho with her family, but some of the public questioned the holiday time, citing her laziness as reasoning for the harsh comments.

Kim Kardashian captioned her Twitter photo with the following, "Bahamas Pics Coming Up!" She said: "My favourite part about being a mom, I mean it's so corny, but it's just like, no matter how exhausted you are, it's complete bliss, no matter what". "Our lives, they get busy and things get heavy, and then to see the innocence of a child, I just always [lighten up]". "Omg", Khloe Kardashian commented, later adding, "I love my fearless girl".

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