LG smart refrigerator used for tweeting by teen whose mom banned electronics

How A “Teenage” Ariana Grande Fan Broke Twitter By Posting From Her Mum’s Fridge

We Talked to the Teen Who Tweeted From Her Fridge After Her Mom Took Her Phone

Is Dorothy free from her hell? The next tweet, sent from an iPhone, included a photo of the offending Nintendo DS.

The teen was able to continue tweeting on the Nintendo DS, but her mother caught her in the act and threatened to shut down the account.

But Dorothy still found a way. The tweet's source label, which indicates the device from which a tweet was sent, confirmed that the tweet came from a Wii U.

This would included a Mii avatar she made and the words: 'Hey guys omg.

A surly teenager has taken the rise of increasingly powerful smart home devices to its logical conclusion - tweeting from her family's smart fridge after her mother confiscated her phone. In response to the Guardian asking how long she'd be grounded for, Dorothy said: "I may be late to reply, as it is hard to find something to use Twitter".

Looking for new ways to send tweets out to her followers, the account starting writing posts through a Wii U game console - one was an extensive note written through the note-taking feature in the video game Minecraft, and the other was a screenshot of a Mii made to look like Ariana Grande - and then back on the 3DS.

This last one really set people off, with hundreds of people replying with delighted reactions, laughing and praising her 'dedication'. "I'm trying to get my things back fast so I can thank you properly!"

In messages to NY magazine, Dorothy's account said the confiscation came after she "was boiling rice and was too busy on phone and stove burst into flames". Dorothy told the newspaper she was grounded two weeks prior to the fridge tweet for getting too distracted while cooking and starting a small blaze.

With her phone gone, she missed Twitter, and was anxious she'd lose followers if she didn't get back on.

Unfortunately, her mother has discovered what she has been up to, and is now threatening to get rid of their fridge, since she can't figure out how to disconnect it from the internet. "I felt mortified! I was anxious because I've been bored all summer and Twitter passes the time for me".

But sadly, her mum took all of her electronic devices, including the WiiU.

Soon, however, reports began to emerge that cast doubts on her story.

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