Macron, Johnson call Amazon rainforest fires an ‘international crisis’

Local conservation group sheds light on Amazon rainforest fires

Amazon Rainforest Fire: Leonardo DiCaprio Gets Furious!

NASA also reported earlier this week that the number and severity of fires were average for the last 15 years.

Larger, land-based fire-fighting planes could only reach the Amazon from Europe via a circuitous route over Greenland, North and Central America, which "would take an eternity", he said.

"Forest fires exist everywhere in the world and that can't be used as pretext for possible worldwide sanctions", he said in a rare televised speech that marked a departure from the dismissive tone of his previous statements. Brazil's powerful agriculture sector - a key supporter of Mr Bolsonaro - has expressed concerns over the president's rhetoric, fearing a boycott of their products in key markets. Literally. The Amazon rain forest - the lungs of our planet which produces 20% of our oxygen - is on fire.

Ricardo Mello, head of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Amazon Programme, said the fires were "a effect of the increase in deforestation seen in recent figures".

"With each hectare burned, we could be losing a plant or animal species that we didn't even know about", said Andre Guimaraes, director of the Amazon Environmental Research Institute. Many specifically questioned why he was focusing on an global forest fire when we have our own fires in Canada.

The EU ought to consider banning Brazilian beef unless it takes action on forest fires, Finland, the holder of the EU presidency, has said. This endangers wildlife and jeopardizes the livelihoods of millions.

As BBC reports, Brazil has seen a record number of forest fires already in 2019 - more than 75,000 have been recorded so far (as compared to 40,000 during the same period past year, which is still a lot).

Almost 40,000 fires are incinerating Brazil's Amazon rainforest, the latest outbreak in an overactive fire season that has charred 1,330 square miles of the rainforest this year.

On Wednesday, the smoke from the fires was so bad that it caused an hour-long blackout in Sao Paulo, located nearly 1,700 miles away.

"However, this capacity of the forest to absorb atmospheric Carbon dioxide is not infinite", says Celso Von Randow, a researcher at INPE's Earth System Science Center. It was the second consecutive month of increasing rainforest destruction.

"In these conditions, France will oppose the Mercosur deal as it is", French president Emmanuel Macron's spokesman also told the Reuters news agency.

Environmentalists are becoming increasingly concerned with his administration, accusing the government of encouraging deforestation and emboldening those who want to exploit the forest for commercial gain.

"I have profound love and respect for the Amazon", Bolsonaro said. More than half are in the Amazon. This means that fire is a direct result of deforestation. Experts say the clearing of land during the months-long dry season to make way for crops or grazing has aggravated the problem. "It's likely that all of these forest fires are deliberately set by humans".

Moutinho, who has been working in the Amazon forests for almost 30 years, said fires are mostly set to clear land for farming, ranching, or logging, and they can easily get out of control, especially during the July-November dry season.

Paulo Moutinho, co-founder of the Amazon Environmental Research Institute, said this week that "it is very hard to have natural fires in the Amazon".

Bolsonaro said that the government is aware of Amazon fires and is taking actions to try to contain them. Without enough trees to create the rainfall needed by the forest, the longer and more pronounced dry season could turn more than half of the rainforest into a tropical savannah, they wrote previous year in the journal Science Advances.

Fire consumes the jungle near Porto Velho, Brazil. "This is not the case of 2019". Stung by the worldwide outcry, Brazil distributed a 12-page circular, exclusively seen by Reuters, to foreign embassies, outlining data and statistics defending the government's reputation on the environment. "The connection is evident". Issues relating to Brazil should not be discussed without the country at the table, Bolsonaro added.

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