Marvel Studios and Sony End Their Spider-Man Deal

Sony Spider Man universe

Report: Sony May Have Pulled Spider-Man Out of the MCU

Sony chairman Tom Rothman seems to see this as an opportunity to get their long-gestating Spider-Man Cinematic Universe off the ground, describing "the possibility of a wider involvement in the Sony-controlled Spider-man universe, which contains 900 characters". This was a bit unexpected, as the film was set to become Sony's highest grossing movie EVER - but should be expected given Sony's decisions in the past.

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige won't produce any further Spider-Man films because of an inability by Disney and Sony Pictures to reach new terms that would have given the former a co-financing stake going forward.

Spider-Man: Far From Home is the latest Marvel film to return to theaters this year, after Disney re-released Avengers: Endgame earlier this summer.

Sources said there are two more Spider-Man films in the works that are meant to have director Jon Watts and Tom Holland front and center.

Apparently, Disney wanted to have a 50/50 co-financing agreement after the success of Far From Home. It's not yet clear whether this means Spider-Man will no longer appear in any of the other Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, but with Feige no longer guiding the creative side of the webslinger, it would be hard to reconcile any plans Sony might have for Spidey if they don't jibe with the future of the MCU.

Presumably, this would allow Sony to bring Spider-Man into its own Marvel Universe films including Venom and Morbius the Living Vampire. It should also be noted that a clash between the two studios was first reported in December. The studio is keeping quiet about what this extra footage entails - which is standard protocol when it comes to protecting surprises and sealing off spoilers - but we have a few ideas regarding what fans might be able to expect to see. It's a giant cash-cow. I'm not sure what canon-jumping explanation Sony would use to keep making Spider-Man movies starring Holland without any Avengers around, but I'm sure it could think of something. That's cool, isn't it?

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