Marvel What If Series Teases Captain Carter, Zombie Captain America, And More

Marvel's 'What If' Footage Teases Peggy Carter Becoming Captain America and More [D23]

Marvel's What If...? First Look at Peggy Carter, Almost Entire MCU Cast Returns

The Hollywood Reporter has officially announced that Ms. Marvel is getting her own show for Disney+!

Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) have plenty to look forward to as Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige announced three new shows are in development - Ms. Marvel, Moon Knight, and She-Hulk - at the upcoming streaming platform. But unlike Bruce in the earlier MCU films, Jen retains her intelligence and emotional control when she transforms into She-Hulk, instead of turning into a giant, green, risky baby-monster. In some of the comics, her transformation from Jennifer Walters to She-Hulk becomes permanent, but I'm guessing that won't be the case for the Disney+ series, since it will be live-action and that would require quite the makeup and/or special effects job. An emergency blood transfusion from her cousin Banner is how Jennifer Walters gains her superpowers, according to her comic book backstory. She even dressed up as the She-Hulk for Halloween in 2017. She has been a member of the Avengers, and the Fantastic Four. Regardless, we're pretty excited to see all these alternate scenarios come to life in What If...?

It was also revealed that the new season of Emmy award-winning animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars will stream on Disney+ in February 2020. During that time he may have gained the powers of the Egyptian moon god Khonshu - or he may be delusional. "It is something very unique and exciting for us", Feige said, teasing the plot of the show.

Last but not least on Marvel's new slate is Moon Knight.

Moon Knight's comics often deal with his mental state, as he battles with depression and dissociative identity disorder as well as criminals. He first appeared in the August 1975 issue Werewolf by Night #32.

A series centering on Kamala Khan, a.k.a. Ms. Marvel, has been rumored for a while.

The hiring of Bisha K. Ali is particularly interesting.

No release dates, showrunners, or casting information at the moment. Tom Hiddleston is set to reprise his role as Thor villain Loki in a new series, and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will see Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan return to their Avengers roles.

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