Nick Jonas Fifth-Wheeling His Brothers Is the Most Relatable VMAs Moment

Sophie Turner was really enjoying Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello's performance at the VMAs

Sophie Turner was really enjoying Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello's performance at the VMAs. Image Kevin Mazur WireImage

Nick Jonas is extremely lucky. A fan wrote, "Too bad Priyanka wasn't there for him" and another wrote, "Poor Nick". Sophie Turner and Danielle Jonas locked lips with their respective husbands and cheered them on following their "Sucker" win.

Establishing her foothold in the digital world now, The Sky Is Pink star Priyanka Chopra will debut on Netflix with Robert Rodriguez directorial superhero flick, We Can Be Heroes. Now, isn't that smart?

Bollywood's most famous actress Priyanka Chopra's husband Nick Jonas is facing mockery these days.

Considering everything written about Joe Jonas (not just official news articles), I decided the overall sentiment for Joe Jonas on 2019-08-26 is reasonable. After Morgan sipped tea on the world sage, Turner went on social media to show her support for the soccer star, despite her home country losing to the American bunch. "Best pop video! Thank you!".

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Jonas Brothers return after a 11 year hiatus turned out to the highlight of the VMAs. "Best fans ever. These Moon People are coming home with us #VMAs". The photo showed Kevin and Danielle (kissing) and Joe and Sophie (also kissing) with a lonesome Nick in between.

Shawn and Camila performed their huge Official Big Top 40 Number 1 song "Señorita" at the awards show and at one point it seemed that the pair were very close to kissing on stage. Thank you! Thank you!

The song "I Believe", off the Jonas Brothers' first studio album in 10 years, Happiness Begins, is all about Chopra, including some of the criticisms they've faced.

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